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The Western Region of NAGPS is the largest and most diverse region. Containing both the most and least populous states in the United States, the Western Region covers 13 states as well as the Pacific territories. The region covers schools as diverse as Alaska’s distance-education oriented schools, the strong unions at the University of California system and the fragmented-by-design University of Colorado system. But the issues of health care, research vs. teaching vs. service, intellectual property, and respect from undergraduates, faculty, and administration for the unique and essential contributions of graduate students transcend our individual schools.

Regional Documents

Western Regional Constitution and Bylaws (2018)


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Individual Members

NAGPS Western Region includes individual graduate-professional student members from Northcentral University.

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Regional Leadership

Interested in one of the vacant positions in the Western Region? Email administration@nagps.org.

Regional Director VACANTVACANTw-rd@nagps.org
Regional Assistant DirectorVACANTVACANTw-rad@nagps.org
Regional Director of Legislative AffairsVACANTVACANTw-dla@nagps.org
Regional Director of OutreachVACANTVACANTw-do@nagps.org
Regional Director of CommunicationsVACANTVACANTw-dc@nagps.org
Regional Director of Social Justice ConcernsVACANTVACANTw-sjcc@nagps.org
Regional Director of International Student ConcernsVACANTVACANTw-disc@nagps.org
Regional Director of Finance VACANTVACANTw-df@nagps.org
Regional Director of Employment ConcernsVACANTVACANTw-dec@nagps.org
Regional Conference Director VACANTVACANTw-cd@nagps.org